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TB Series Interactive Display
The TB series provides 65", 75" , 86" interactive displays. With TB Series interactive display, your team will start a meeting  and interact with each other without limitations by sharing not only voice and video, but also data and annotation, which helps your team collaborate faster, easier, better. 

Typical applications:
♦Business Conference ♦ Education  ♦ Healthcare  ♦ Hospitality  ♦ Public Safety   ♦ Retail   ♦ Restaurant  ♦ Real Estate Industry


• Wide Range of Sizes: 65", 75", 86"
• Optical Bonding Technology:
- Wider viewing angle and more crystal clear image
- Zero-air-gap process: gives more accurate touch experience and provides the most realistic and natural handwriting experience
• Embedded Microphone Camera: Use the built-in microphone array and camera for conference calls, providing a crisp and clear audio and video experience
• Type C Interface: One cable to transmit audio, video and touch functions
• Highly-configurable Android OS: Built-in Android 9.0
• Android-Based Whiteboard: The User-friendly whiteboard software makes meetings and conferences more efficient and collaborative
• Collaborative Presentations: Share and interact with your presentation on-screen instantly with wireless projection software
• IR + EMR Dual Touch Optional


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