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Interactive Whiteboard

TimeLink is the professional manufacturer of Interactive Whiteboard in the world. With the unique Surface Light
Wave technology and intuitive design, TimeLink’s interactive Whiteboard realizes 2-48 touch points 
freestyle interaction.

Typical applications:
• Education    • Smart Conference   • Training

Features & Advantages:

♦ Ultra-slim Frame width with 24 mm♦  High respond speed (Up to 200 fps)
♦  2/4/6/10...up to 48 touch points♦  High redundancy design
♦  Size: 75"-150"♦   Easy maintenance & setup
♦  Anti-dust & Anti strong light♦  Perfect combination with any education software
♦  Palm rejection♦  Mounted or Floor stand (Optional)
♦  Support 42 gestures( Incl. Gestures of Mac and win 10/8/7)♦  PCB & SKD solution (Optional)


Physical SpecificationStandard Size75”-150"
Bezel Width24mm-50mm
Power SupplyUSB
Shortcut KeyBoth Sides (Optional)
Temperature & HumidityWorking:-10~50℃,   Storage:-20~60℃
Anti Strong LightStill able to work under strong light (visible light intensity 14000 Lux / Infrared light intensity 3000 Lux)
Standard FeaturesTouch TechnologySurface Light Wave
Touch Points2, 4, 6, 10 ... 48
Touch ObjectsAny opaque object
Report Resolution 32767x32767
Touch Response Time<10ms
Power Consumption<2.0W
Anti-dustStrong anti-dust ability, working even the whole board bottom was blocked by dust.
Calibration9 points calibration
Aspect ratio4:3, 16:9, 16:10
AccessoriesStandard AccessoriesUSB cable 5M, touch pen, board eraser, users manual, warranty card, brackets
Optional AccessoriesMovable floor stand, short throw projector
Diagnosis SoftwareSupport
MaintenancePCB ReplacementPCB withdrawable installation design, easy operation
Warranty1 year
Cloudboard Software ( Optional )InputMulti-user operation (2/4/6/10...up to 48-touch), stylus or fingers
Gesture Recognition5 gestures
TeleconferenceDial up the network by Cloud ID (defined by users)
Remote TeachingSupport remote teaching, remote file transfer, remote synchronization, multi-user operation & annotation in the same page simultaneously.
Audio SynchronizationSupport
Data SynchronizationSupport (bandwidth ﹤ 50KB/S)   
Writing FunctionSupport vector zooming in & out, rotating and dragging the writing letters.
Pen type/size/color SelectionSupport 
Document SavingSupport auto saving and manual saving
Board EraserSmart shape recognition. Support spot, area erasing and page clearing
Support OSWindows 7 / 8/ 10, Windows Server 2003 / 2008
Software UpdateSupport auto-update. Free update service

Application Pictures:


 Product Demo 1: 

Video: Three people manipulate pictures at the same time,
and four People write 4+4=8 simultaneously.