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With the development of the modern interactive technology and the initiative of Internet + “sth.”, TimeLink innovated and launched cloud educational solution in order to improve study efficiency of students, enhance the capability for systematical review, and even out the educational resources.

•Easy Note: Students do not need to take notes and can focus on learning.

•Easy Record: Record autonomously courseware + voice + notes in class and save  it into cloud server when class is over.

•Easy Review: Students can review it productively anytime anywhere.

Resource Management Platform (For School)
  • Manage all recording devices, recording courses, school information, users’ ID information
  • Collect excellent teaching resources
  • Build comprehensive school-based educational resources
Courseware Management Platform (For Teachers and Students)
  • Small Recording File Size: About 50MB for a 45-minute class     
  • Teachers can edit and share the recording files easily online
  • Students can make targeted review after class and learn courses of different teachers on the platform at home or outside home

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